Lyksvad offers a whole new level of caviar experience using TempTag

With TempTag consumers will be able to see the entire product journey of caviar from Lyksvad’s fish farm to processing, logistics, and storage. It allows temperature monitoring and engages consumers by giving them access to item-specific product stories.

Case information

Get information on caviar’s storage conditions, production and processing timeline, and other relevant product information.

Client: Lyksvad

Solution: TempTag

Technology: Blockchain. Web technologies. QR codes.

Continuous temperature monitoring to ensure the caviar's freshness and quality throughout the entire product journey.

Lyksvad delivers superior-grade caviar to hotels and restaurants as well as to private consumers in Denmark. They are the only sturgeon farm in the country and the only caviar processing plant in Denmark. They have bred sturgeon since 2000 and thus have extensive experience in handling sturgeon fish. All sturgeon on the farm were bred on the farm, therefore the wild population of sturgeon is not affected in any way. The caviar’s quality and food craftsmanship is Lyksvad’s top priority and they take great pride in handling the entire process which guarantees the freshness and traceability of all the caviar.

By using TempTag, Lyksvad is able to monitor the temperature to ensure the caviar’s freshness and quality throughout the entire journey. With unique blockchain-based code, consumers are also able to access the product story and trace the caviar’s origin from farm to fork.

By scanning the TempTag code consumers can:

Verify the caviar's authenticity and provenance.

Check the temperature log.

Learn more about the brand story and the entire product journey.

Retrieve product data such as processing timeline, maturation and storage.

A dynamic multimedia experienceWith a unique blockchain code on the packaging, Lyksvad turned each item into a dynamic multimedia experience where consumers can check its origin and have a glimpse of the caviar's journey.
Consumer engagementEach consumer scan is unique, and Lyksvad can use this feature to connect directly to consumers and send special offers and surveys.
Big data insightOn the dashboard, Lyksvad is able to monitor the temperature and follow the data on each scan.