About BrandTag

BrandTag empowers you to prove your brand story and give consumers full product transparency. Today’s always-on consumers are considering ingredients, production methods, authenticity and more before making any buying decision. The purpose-driven consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact and they care about issues such as sustainability and recycling.

This is why we have built BrandTag. Our mission is to empower all brands and manufactures to prove their product- and brand stories and engage directly with the consumer using blockchain. By connecting this information to product packaging and labels, consumers can discover and trust product origin and business impact. We do that through technology.

BrandTag is an affordable easy-to-use blockchain solution. You can sign-up and after approvement you can generate your own codes and get started right away. No technical skills needed.


Who is behind BrandTag

LuxTag and Upchannel are the companies behind BrandTag. LuxTag is an Anti-Counterfeit, Business Insights, and Customer Engagement solution provider, utilizing the power of blockchain, DLT, and IoT. LuxTag is based in Malaysia. Upchannel is a European SaaS e-commerce solution provider focusing on B2B and B2C. Upchannel is based in Denmark. Both companies had a shared mission about using technology for transparency between brands and consumers – and BrandTag was born.


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