Textile Pioneers

Textile Pioneers uses EcoTag to share their products' circular journey from waste to garment

Textile Pioneers is a global B2B supplier of durable, high-quality circular clothes and textiles made from post-consumer waste.


Pioneering a new digital standard for sharing the textile's circular journey

Client: Textile Pioneers

Solution: EcoTag

Reducing the textile industry’s footprints by giving waste a new life. Textile Pioneers makes new clothes from ‘post-consumer’ waste. As part of this process, the wastes from the textile industry, the food industry, single-use bottles, or even your excess production, unsellable garments, or last year’s collection were used to make new yarns that will last for years to come.

EcoTag provides a product transparency solution that allows customers to see through the garment’s lifecycle journey. It opened a new way of engaging consumers directly through the garments’ tags or care labels. Its blockchain features allow item or style-specific decentralized data which is only accessible through EcoTag codes. It is also useful for product documentation and verification.

Scan the QR code to see a sample journey of this style from waste to garment.


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Engaging and supporting global B2B buyers to meet the growing demand for circular garments.

By scanning the code, consumers can view the product journey and other relevant information.

The codes and core product information are stored on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with.

The consumer can view:

Product authenticity

Product certifications

The process of recycling the garment

Environmental impact

The life of the garment

A dynamic multimedia experienceWith a blockchain token code on each item, Textile Pioneers turned their merchandise into a multimedia experience.

By scanning the code, the user can access full insight about the product’s sustainability and access further information about their sustainable collection.

User engagementEach user scan is registered, and Textile Pioneers can use this feature to invite users to special offers, surveys and more.
Big data insightOn the dashboard, Textile Pioneers is following data for each product, showing time and location for each user scan.