Innovate your products through BrandTag's latest technologies

At BrandTag, we utilize the latest technologies to deliver a cutting-edge solution that protects and promotes your brand by preventing counterfeit, providing customer engagement, product transparency, and data insights.

The Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain, a decentralized,  immutable, and transparent database that records the provenance of digital assets. This technology eliminates the need for central authority or intermediaries, saving you time and money.

BrandTag is powered by  NEM / SYMBOL private blockchain which offers you a powerful and effective way to communicate your brand identity, provide you with instant traceability, and enhance data security and transparency. 

Our solution’s private blockchain renders greater efficiency and control over energy sources by decreasing power consumption.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the connectivity and the exchange of data with other devices and systems over the internet.

BrandTag utilizes IoT technology to record, monitor, and adjust the interaction between connected things, linking both the physical and digital world.

Track & Trace

Our blockchain-powered approach provides a secure track-and-trace system and customized interoperability with its components throughout the value chain, enabling clients to get business insights and analytics.

Our BrandTag system

Leveraging on the above-mentioned technologies, BrandTag is able to provide an affordable easy-to-use blockchain solution, that allies the incorruptible nature of blockchain, and the practical functionality of hardware, connecting the digital & the physical world.

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