Meet the new standards for trust and transparency

Brandtag empowers brands in addressing the consumers’ rising demand for traceability, transparency, and product authenticity. Every product is paired with a blockchain token giving them a unique digital identity. Brands are able to capture, store, and share verifiable product information and documentation with consumers directly through dynamic product tagging or smart packaging.

ENABLE PRODUCT AUTHENTICATIONProtect your brand with a blockchain-based product authentication solution.
SHARE YOUR BRAND STORY AND PRODUCT JOURNEYInspire and engage your customers with your brand story and product journey.
SHARE YOUR PRODUCTS' SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEYAllow consumers to access verifiable documentation on the blockchain.
MONITOR YOUR COLD CHAIN JOURNEYCapture your products' temperature throughout the entire product journey.

Our Solutions

Select the module that suits your brands' needs.

BrandTag Core

BrandTag gives each product a unique identity because every product has its own story.

Enhance transparency by sharing your item’s product journey and communicating your values. Share relevant documentation and certificates to enhance consumer trust.

Protect your brand with our blockchain-based product authentication tool. The product verification protects your customers from buying counterfeit items and helps consumers check the authenticity of your products.

Product verification

Share your product journey

Share your brand story

Educate and engage your customers


EcoTag is a blockchain-based solution that gives every product a unique “eco” identity. Every single item carries a unique sustainability story. Your products become a dynamic portal to your online brand resources using smart tagging technologies. It offers an enhanced consumer experience with access to products’ life cycle journey and sustainability-related information, certifications, and documentation.

Greenwashing is rampant and consumers are aware if it. Ecotag is a tool to promote trust and transparency by allowing consumers to access your products’ sustainability journey and documentations. Communicate your product’s provenance and sustainable initiatives with consumers.

Product verification

Share your product’s sustainability journey

Share relevant 3-party certificates

Educate and engage your customers


Allow real-time monitoring with temperature logs accessible to consumers. An affordable temperature-capturing tagging module with traceability and customer engagement solution. The solution securely captures data points (like temperature and location) about the tagged products and does so throughout the product’s journey. Suitable for all temperature sensitive products.

In your dashboard, you can choose which data you want to share, set internal temperature alerts for your items, and more. Data points can be customized to fit your product journey.

Product verification

Share your product journey

Share and document temperature for the full product journey or product lifetime

Educate and engage your customers

Front-end Editing to Easily Build Contents

View directly the modifications you make.

Front-end editing to easily build content templates. View directly the modifications you make. You can customize anything you see directly from the front-end, you can see the live changes and you don’t need to code anything to do it. Our theme is user-friendly and really intuitive, everyone should be able to use BrandTag without any difficulties.

BrandTag: A simplified blockchain application for product verification and authentication

Combining IoT and blockchain technologies in automating real-time product data collection, data sharing, and enhancing consumers' experience.

Verification and product story

Customers can verify your product data on the blockchain. Let customers explore and trace the whole product journey and give them access to learn how the product is made. Use video documentation, certificates, or other kinds of visuals.

Consumer engagement

After verification, the customer can be invited to loyalty programs, surveys, tips, and product media, competitions, reviews, and more – all accessible through a single scan of a quick response code, near field communication device, radio frequency identification tags, or any smart tagging and IoT enabled devices.

Consumer insight

Get a big data insights collected through consumers engagement on each product, know where your products are distributed and all related scanning activities recorded on each code.