Organic Denmark

Using EcoTag Organic Denmark proves the sustainability of their merchandise

Sustainability documentation and marketing tool in one solution

Client: Organic Denmark

Solution: EcoTag

Organic Denmark organises joint Danish stands at international fairs. At NOFF November 2021, the organisation started using EcoTag on their merchandise and with great success. The organisation has three goals for handing out their merchandise:

  1. Provide transparency and documentation for cradle-to-cradle certified products.
  2. Communicate the 4 principles for organic production to professional buyers.
  3. Drive traffic to Organic Denmark’s Exportsite with more than 900 organic products from danish companies, ready for export.

International buyers can assure the product’s sustainability and engage directly

By scanning the code on the merchandise, the buyer can verify the product using blockchain.

The codes and core product information is stored on blockchain and cannot be tampered.

The consumer can assure:

This product is real

Sustainability documentation

Product data

Enhanced information about the 4 organic principles

Engage directly with Organic Denmark or the exporting companies

A dynamic multimedia experienceWith a blockchain token code on each notebook or postcard, Organic Denmark turned their merchandise into a multimedia experience.

By scanning the code, the user can access full insight about the product’s sustainability and access further information about organics.

User engagementEach user scan is registered, and Organic Denmark can use this feature to invite users to special offers, surveys and more.
Big data insightOn the dashboard, Organic Denmark is following data for each product, showing time and location for each user scan.