Defeet uses blockchain to improve consumer engagement

Case information

Client: Defeet

Features: Product verification. Smart packaging. Consumer engagement. Big data insight.

Technology: Blockchain. Web technologies. QR codes.

Enhancing consumer engagement and loyalty

Defeet International manufactures high-quality performance socks and accessories for cycling, hiking, and daily wear. Defeet started using our blockchain technology to track, trace, and authenticate their items.

“Putting consumer goods, including high-quality apparel items, onto blockchains is not only an inevitability, it’s here right now,” said Paul Willerton, DeFeet VP of marketing. “What we see is a way to provide better engagement through basically one step by the consumer: scanning an item with their mobile device.”

Each item has unique code with unique product data minted on the blockchain, allowing consumers to authenticate and claim ownership of each item. It gives Defeet a new way of promoting brand loyalty and enhancing engagement with their consumers.

BrandTag blockchain solution is built on the NEM blockchain and uses XEM tokens to power the platform. NEM is one of the leading distributed blockchain platforms worldwide.

Defeet initially rolled out the blockchain application for specific product lines. It was first implemented on Barnstomer product lines which are offered exclusively for the members of Adventure Cycling Club established by Defeet in 2017, giving the club members a premium service that includes access to item ownership, warranty, repair and other services only accessible to item owners registered on the blockchain.

A dynamic multimedia experienceWith a unique blockchain connected QR code on each product, Defeet turned each apparel into a multimedia experience.

By scanning the code, the consumer can access full insight about the product and claim ownership of each item

Consumer engagementEach consumer scan is unique, and Defeet can use this feature to invite consumers to special offers and surveys.
Big data insightOn their dashboard, Defeet is following data for each can, showing time and location for each consumer scan.