Chronoswiss uses blockchain to secure the legacy of their luxury watches

Chronoswiss uses blockchain to secure the legacy of their luxury watches

Case information

Client: Chronoswiss

Features: Product verification. Transferrable digital certificates. Big data Insights.

Technology: Blockchain, consulting and custom development.

Purchase certificates from the Swiss-based watchmaker Chronoswiss are being registered using blockchain

Chronoswiss put their trust in BrandTag’s to tag their crypto watch collection with a total worth MYR 14.7 million on its blockchain, to secure the legacy of luxury watches.

BrandTag provided Chronoswiss with technical development, consultation, and implementation in relation to the blockchain tagging web application with transferrable digital certificates of authenticity.

The watches are being registered on the NEM blockchain. Each watch has been registered with its unique serial number, reference number, and caliber.

“Customers will be able to verify the authenticity of the watches, manage ownership, and track the history of the product with the help of the digital certificate”

Owners of Chronoswiss crypto watches can now

Check all the data about the watch.

Discover the history of the watch.

Record new information contributing to the provenance tracking.

Transfer ownership to second-hand buyers.

In the case of transferring the watch, all the data will be transferred accordingly. Furthermore, the platform will show the new owner and all related information.