Case info

  • Date: 16 February, 2021
  • Client: Let's eco
  • Features: Product verification. Smart packaging. Consumer engagement. Big data insight.
  • Technology: Blockchain. Web technologies. QR codes.

Preventing counterfeit and engaging consumers to interact

Let´s eco is an exclusive online dairy brand and high-end producer of organic milk powder products for infants, children, and adults.

The products are made only in Denmark with global ambitions with focus on China and the Southeast Asian region. To prevent counterfeit and copy cats, Let’s eco needed a solution printed directly on the can to let their customers verify each single product.

As an online dairy brand, it was important for Let’s eco to get the opportunity to build relationships directly with the consumers.


Consumers can assure their milk’s authenticity on blockchain

By scanning the code, the consumer can verify their product. As the uniq code and product information is stored on blockchain it cannot be tampered. The consumer can assure:

A dynamic multimedia experience

With a unique blockchain connected QR code on each can, Let’s eco turned their beautiful cans into a multimedia experience.

By scanning the code, the consumer can access full insight about the product journey.

Consumer engagement

Each consumer scan is unique, and Let’s eco can use this feature to invite consumers to special offers and surveys.

Big data insight

On the dashboard, Let’s eco is following data for each can, showing time and location for each consumer scan.

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