EcoTag for circular packaging was demonstrated by BrandTag at the Food and Bio Cluster Event.

On December 1, 2022, Gitte Haahr, Center for Circular Economy and KLS PurePrint released a White Paper on Packaging. BrandTag took part in the aforementioned event

EcoTag was introduced by BrandTag for circular packaging. EcoTag is a blockchain solution that can be used to meet consumers’ demand for product and packaging transparency and insight. Ideas for communicating with and engaging customers are also exchanged.

Use cases were presented to give more insight on how businesses can use EcoTag in communicating the product’s circularity journey to their end consumers. The use cases may help in inspiring brands on how to tell customers about their sustainable practices, which is important for building brand reputation and loyalty.

Some of the examples are clothing brands that uses EcoTag to communicate to their customers that their products are made from recycled materials, that are durable, and can be reused. This can make customers feel good about their purchases and can encourage them to become more environmentally conscious consumers.

Other examples were food companies that use EcoTag to share their product journey, the provenance of the ingredients as well as documentations for their sustainable practices which can encourage the end consumers to make more sustainable choices when shopping for food.

EcoTag was showcased as a powerful tool for businesses to inform customers about their efforts to be more environmentally friendly. It also helps in building trust and loyalty with customers who are looking for more sustainable products and services.

The conference also talked about how to avoid greenwashing on packaging. Trends and legislation promoting more environmentally friendly packaging are also discussed. As well as future packaging solutions, what we can do now and what to expect from new developments.