BrandTag introduced EcoTag to the Danish Food Club during the annual packaging event at  Spinderihallerne in Vejle

The Danish Food Club held an annual packaging event at Spinderihallerne in Vejle on Thursday, 22 April 2022. The event inspired over 130 participants on the most recent development and trends in the sustainable packaging sphere. 

The Food Club brought together all the key actors in Denmark’s food packaging, sustainability, and circular economy. Karin Klitgaard, Head of Danish Industry’s Environmental Policy and Circular Economy, and Marianne Roed Jakobsen, Director of the Danish Packaging Producer Responsibilities, both delivered insights on how companies can fulfill their obligations in responsible packaging. Thomas V. Hartvigsen, Communication and Development Manager of HL-Repro also highlighted the growing demand for product transparency as the top priority for customers, consumers, and governments globally. DS Smiths’ Commercial Director, Michael Fisker provided concrete examples of sustainable packaging that minimizes waste and the use of plastic through innovative packaging design. The Danish Technology Institute presented fiber packaging as a real alternative to plastic. Lars Germann, Center Manager, explained about the possibilities of developing sustainable packaging and the technologies behind fiber packaging.

Birthe Udsen from BrandTag Europe presented EcoTag and how it can help companies meet the new standard for openness and transparency on the product level. The participant were able to see BrandTag’s dynamic and interactive product tagging solution with cases from Minimum, Organic Denmark, Dairy 1888, and Lyksvad. A quick demonstration of EcoTag gained interests of companies. The demo showed how easy it is to communicate and document all sustainability-related data with dynamic product tags minted on BrandTags’ blockchain technology. BrandTag’s core features were also mentioned such as product verification (counterfeit prevention), product provenance (documentation on product origin, product journey etc.,) and consumer engagement solution that allows instant connection to the end-user. 

Maria Cecilia EspinaApril 22, 2022