Automating consumer trust

Automating consumer trust

BrandTag is a blockchain-based solution designed to help you prove your brand story and product transparency with accessible documentation to verify your claims. It is built to transform your consumer’s experience by promoting engagement, preventing greenwashing and providing proof of authenticity.

One Scan to Trigger Customers’ 360° Product Experiences

With BrandTag solution, your product packaging and label is no longer providing static content but a dynamic multimedia experience that enhances your products’ ‘Aha’ moment, making your consumers more likely to buy your product over competitors.

Preserve your brand's integrity and ensure consumer safety

Counterfeit products can be found in many industries, such as consumer goods, luxury items, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and drinks. Counterfeit trade poses serious health and safety risks to consumers and negative consequences for the brands.

Using BrandTag's product verification solution, let´s eco® is able to proactively preserve the integrity of its brand and protect the health and safety of children and infants who are growing up with let´s eco® products.

Brand Authenticity and Transparency

Elevate customer trust and product experience with BrandTag’s product verification solution. Share your brand story and product journey to increase engagement.

Share your brand storyDocument and communicate your business impact with verified documentation
Share the product journeyEngage your consumers with product stories that features the people, places, and processes behind each product. Build trust and strengthen your relationship with genuine intentions and documented claims.
Prevent greenwashingBrandTag is working closely with companies and helping them to prove that they are doing what they say regarding their products and business impact.

BrandTag is a blockchain software-as-a-service solution for brands and manufactures

Start enhancing customer engagement today, tackle counterfeit and theft while creating big-data insights into your product distribution chains.


Consumer EngagementMarketing, upselling, warranty, and various engagement modules for brand owners to capture consumers’ hearts.
Item Unique CodeEach product unit is assigned to a unique code, thus making counterfeiting impossible to scale. Think of it as every product has its own ID card.
Tamper-proof DatabaseFortified with Symbol Blockchain technology, product info is impossible to be hacked.
Business IntelligenceBrand owners can collect and view consumers’ data using the BrandTag analytics module to make a strategic business decision.
Self-Product-RegistrationBrand owners have full control over product SKU registration and management.
Self-Product-ActivationBrand owners can choose which product SKUs to activate which enabled the QR Codes to go LIVE.
Prevent CounterfeitEvery product unit contains a unique code and fortified with Blockchain technology, reassuring the customers of the authenticity of your products
MarketingEvery product becomes a marketing channel for various marketing activities.
Product TransparencyShare more about your products’ ingredient and origin to win over consumers’ heart.
Rating & TestimonyCollect ratings and testimony through each product. Your consumers is more likely to buy once they find out how many people love your products.

How BrandTag Works

Register Your ProductsEnter all the relevant product information such as product name, image and serial number on your BrandTag management system
Print & Apply CodesPrint out the generated QR Codes on your product packaging
Consumer Scan the CodeConsumers can use their mobile phones to scan the unique QR code on the product packaging
Product Data is DisplayedConsumers are able to verify the product authenticity, learn more about the product journey and connect with you

Why spend months and precious Opex to develop a system from scratch while BrandTag can deliver the positive ROI to your organisation instantly - at an affordable subscription price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do brandtag codes work?

Each product unit is required to register and activate with BrandTag to generate a unique, alphanumeric non-sequential code. BrandTag keeps a record of every code (powered by Blockchain Technology) generated along with the product for which it was generated and uses the information to authenticate products.

Note: Each product unit will be assigned to a unique code.

Do I have to apply the codes to all my products?

For consistent consumers’ experiences, it is recommended for brands to apply the codes to all of their products.

How can customers verify the authenticity of their products?

Customers are able to use their own mobile phones to scan the QR codes on products, no apps download required. Upon scanning, the app will show a green check mark if the code is valid and a red X mark otherwise. Brands may choose to share additional unit-level product information such as manufacturing date, manufacturing place, and enhanced product information (e.g., ingredients).

I have more questions, anyone I can speak to?

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